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See how your team can structure work to turn all goals into workable plans.


Use swimlanes to highlight the most important tasks on the board like blocker issues that are not allowing you to work further.

WIP Limits

Work in progress (WIP) limits allow you to complete work faster by helping your team focus only on current tasks. WIP limit sets the maximum number of tasks for a kanban board column.


Sub-columns help you to better track the progress of the tasks by dividing the processes represented by the columns into two parts: In Progress and Done.

Full Scrum Support

Run your Sprints in TodoAI with story points/hours estimation, burndown charts, velocity, and sprint release reports.

Decide what to do next

Prioritize projects & tasks by Value/Effort

Rate your ideas, features, tasks, or projects by VaIue/Effort to identify the most important or risky. Decide wisely on where to direct the limited resources.

Find the balance between Important and Urgent

Use the Eisenhower matrix to correctly prioritize your tasks and filter the important from the urgent. Drive significant results in a shorter time.

Standardize prioritization with custom scoring frameworks

Use custom scoring frameworks that frame your decision-making process and enable better conversations with your teams.

Share your plans

Break your goals into an actionable plan. Visualize it into beautiful roadmaps that your team, stakeholders, and customers will love.

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